Thanks for reading The Second Key. It is a story I've had in mind ever since I watched the original Key to Time season of Doctor Who. If you enjoyed the story and would like to know more about how I did what I did and why, please select from the menu below and read up on that chapter. Each chapter links to the next, so to read from start to finish, select Prologue.


Each page assumes you have read the whole story. They contain spoilers and often refer to future events. So if you haven't read the whole series yet, perhaps you should before continuing.



Written and Directed by: Sean Huxter
Assistant Director/Writer: Sean Dickinson
Storyboard and Sets: Sean Huxter
Figure Support: Sean Dickinson
Some Props Supplied by: Charlotte Huxter
The Doctor's Coat by: Fabric of Time and Space's Vikki Godwin
Undying Support In Every Way: Carol Hobbs

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